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Are you looking for a low interest personal loan? We can arrange for you to get a personal loan from anywhere in Australia

Low Interest Personal Loans

Do you need to get a personal loan? More specifically; low interest personal loans? We specialize in getting unsecured personal loans for people Australia wide. Furthermore, we get quick personal loans for our clients.

We have experience in helping people from all walks of life get anything from a 20000 personal loan to a 50000 personal loan and loans for even higher amounts for clients.

Applicants who apply for low interest personal loans often do it because they want:

  • A personal loan for home improvement; or
  • A personal loan for wedding; or
  • A personal loan for a lifestyle change/emergency;
  • Any other reason.

Benefits of Using a Finance Broker for an Unsecured Personal Loan Over a Bank

Getting an unsecured personal loan from one of the big banks can be difficult. For them to approve a loan will take a lot of paperwork for you to submit the loan. Once you have submitted the paperwork, it will also take a lot of time for your application to be processed.

The difference when using a finance broker is that the application process for an unsecured personal loan is fast and easy. We only need a minimal amount of information for you to be eligible for low interest personal loans.

We also put your application in front of multiple lenders. This means that you get a far better chance to get low interest personal loans Australia-wide.  The bottom line is that we get quick personal loans for our clients meaning you can get on with what you need to do.

Loans from $5,000 to $300,000

Loan terms 3 to 24 Months

Fast 24-Hour Loan Approval

Minimal docs required

High approval rates

5-Minute online application


The term unsecured personal loan may sound a little scary but it’s actually a very simple concept.

A traditional loan would require the borrower to put up their assets against a loan which they make take up.  This may include a car, property, business assets or something else.

This means that if the borrower defaults on the loan; the assets that you put up against the loan can be used by the lender towards their recovery of costs.

In comparison, an unsecured personal loan, you do not need to place any collateral as a guarantee against your loan. Thus, unsecured personal loans are riskier for the lender than secured loans. For this reason, lenders will generally lend smaller amounts for unsecured personal loans with limited term lengths. Despite this, unsecured personal loans make sense to lenders who require quick personal loans and they are easier to apply for and are faster to be approved.

This is why Get a Loan with Harvey Milder can help you achieve your goals via an unsecured personal loan.

We know that your assets such as your car or home are important to you and you might not want to risk them to get a personal loan. Fortunately, the very nature of unsecured personal loans do not require you to put any collateral you may have against your unsecured personal loan.

If you need a loan of a higher amount than $50,000; you may need to put some security against that loan. If that is the case; we will still work together with you to help you to  get a personal loan.

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To assess if you’re eligible for an unsecured personal loan, we won’t ask you to submit endless amounts of paperwork for us to help you to get a personal loan. We only need a minimal amount of personal loan documents. Usually we only 12 months of bank statements; something that you can easily download online.

For your identity, we likely won’t ask for anything more than a driver’s license. And for a loan of up to $50,000, you only have to provide your business account’s bank statements for the past three months.

Without a doubt. If you’re thinking to yourself ‘I need a personal loan but want to keep my information secure’ You can rest assure that we’ve taken great lengths to ensure that our website is secure and we have also have our privacy policy *Anchored text*


Furthermore, there is the Get a Loan With Harvey Milder privacy policy

As you’re probably aware, the biggest expense related to a loan is the interest. As every person has a unique situation, this will be based on:

  • Your cash flow stability; and/or
  • Employment situation; and/or
  • Cash in your bank account.

Our team will assess the risk of your loan to arrive at an interest rate. We’ll do everything in our power to provide a fair rate that you’ll be comfortable with

When you take out a Low Interest Personal Loan with one of our personal loan companies, you’ll know exactly how much you are required to pay, and when.

After we have gotten beyond the ‘I need a personal loan ‘stage; there will be a clear repayment schedule that will be outlined for you to follow from the day that you receive the loan approval. If you keep with your tailored repayment schedule, you will not be required to pay any extra money.

Business credit scores range from 0-1200, with good credit scores falling between 622-725, very good credit scores between 726-832 and excellent credit scores anything greater than 833. It is important to note that acceptable credit scores vary from lender to lender, though most lenders prefer borrowers with scores of at least 680.

Unlike traditional lenders and other non-bank lenders, the team at Unsecured Finance Australia believes in making unsecured business loans more accessible, even for those businesses without an exceptional credit score. To that end, we don’t base our lending decisions solely on your business credit score and instead take into account various other factors to help us determine your loan.

From time to time, a borrower may default on a low interest personal loan due to circumstances that are often out of their control.

Lenders may be willing to forgive a few late payments and/or even a few missed payments however, doing either of these consistently may lead to a default on your loan.

Even though your unsecured personal loan isn’t backed with collateral; there are still repercussions for defaulting on a loan. A lender may choose to increase interest payments, charge late fees or file a lawsuit to claim personal and/or business assets to minimize their loses.

By defaulting on a loan; your credit rating will lower significantly making any future loans more difficult if should you need it.

That all said; nobody including and especially the lender wants you to default on your low interest personal loan. If you are struggling to make repayments and are considering defaulting; always speak to your lender first. They may be able to offer you assistance so that you have more options and can therefore avoid the results of defaulting on your low interest personal loan.